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Morocco is quickly becoming an extremely fashionable tourist destination. Its proximity to Europe yet otherworldly feel is a winning combination and it's where all the adventurers are heading.

But while everyone talks about Marrakech, Agadir is in serious danger of being missed out on many people's itineraries. Surrounded by the Sahara Desert on the Atlantic coast, it has a host of national parks and secluded beaches that it would be criminal to miss out on.

If you've gone to Morocco seeking markets, you can't do better than Agadir. The old souks contain a fantastic bustling atmosphere and you can obtain everything from spices to Berber tea to antiques.

On a practical level, you'll find the city easy to get around thanks to the grid-based system similar to that of New York, while English is widely spoken (although not as widely as French). Must-see sites include the Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh, the Ensemble Artisanal and Coco Polizzi.


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