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Cast your eye over to the Aegean side of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Your gaze will undoubtedly drift over Anzac Cove, perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in all of Turkey. Largely an undisturbed location free from human settlement, it has an abundance of natural assets.

From the worn cliffs to the natural trails that line the coast, this is a place that can only be experienced firsthand. But it's also a location of deep history - this is where the Anzacs first landed in their attempt to take the country.

Met by high cliffs, challenging terrain and far more of the Turkish army than was anticipated, they had a tough time of it and were ultimately beaten back. You can still find remains of the battle today. There is, of course, little in the way of human civilisation in this quiet part of the world - something that only adds to its charm. Take a pleasant dip in the sea or a walk along the cliffs, drinking in the tranquil atmosphere. There's nothing like it.

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