Aqaba, Jordan

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As the gateway to the Jordanian stretch of the Red Sea Coast, Aqaba is always going to be a big hit with beach lovers and sun worshippers, and is a fantastic holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts too. Indeed, with the Red Sea being renowned as one of the best snorkelling and scuba diving spots in the world, it’s hardly a surprise that Aqaba is home to some top quality dive schools, offering visitors the chance to discover a colourful and vibrant world beneath the waves.

Staying on dry land, meanwhile, tourists will find no shortage of relaxing spots to soak up the sun in luxury, while the resort also boasts several fantastic spas offering a range of lavish treatments.

Those who want to experience some history and culture, meanwhile, will find the 14th-century Aqaba Fort to be a truly fascinating landmark, while the Aqaba Heritage Museum provides a wonderful look at the region’s past, with a range of ancient artefacts and pieces of art that shed light on both ancient and modern ways of life.

Aqaba, Jordan

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