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If you're looking to visit somewhere in Spain that is a little different from the typical beach holiday furnished with sangria, tapas and paella, Bilbao is the sort of city you could consider. Located in Basque country, this is an altogether different culture than you might be expecting.

Of course, the Spanish staples are still present, but this is a place that considers itself more aligned with the Basque French than the Castilians of Madrid. A place with its own language, the locals are fiercely proud of their heritage.

Culture-wise, they also love a good opera, and if you're a kindred spirit, it's worth visiting between September and May. It's a period referred to as Bilbao's never-ending singing season.

Bilbao is also known for its spectacular architecture, which has received a great deal of investment over the past few years. Be prepared for jaw-dropping structures that twist beyond belief - in a way, they are the epitome of Bilbao's own culture.

Bilbao (Getxo), Spain

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