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Once one of Egypt's primary portside towns, the spectacular Port Said still evokes images of drunken sailors and an old maritime spirit thanks to its grand architecture and splendid old broadwalk.

Situated on the Suez Canal, the area suffered greatly at the hands of the 1967 and 1973 conflicts with Israel, but the locals were admirably swift to rebuild and you'll find little trace of the damage today. Oozing in bustling atmosphere and colonial-era charm, the port is a world apart from Egypt's other cities. Blending ancient history with modern-day function is a speciality of this country, and you can expect to find both aspects here.

Take a casual stroll around its rickety backstreets, seeking out local marketplaces and little mosques where people have made their lives over the centuries. Or take a boat ride and experience the majesty of the Suez from a closer perspective.

Cairo/Giza (Port Said)

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