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Located off the northwest coast of Africa, these Spanish islands boast sensational beaches, year round sun and a playground of exciting adventures.

With dramatic landscapes these distinct islands sit in the glistening seas of the Atlantic Ocean, making them the ultimate cruise destination. Before you even leave the ship to explore these majestic islands, you will be stunned by the incredible coastal views you experience upon sailing to and around these islands.

The diversity of this archipelago is incredible, with desert dunes next to lush forests and sun-drenched beaches close to soaring volcanic mountains. Truly captivating, the Canaries invite you to explore every inch of their intriguing landscape.

Tenerife, the largest of the islands, is home to mysterious pyramids and sensuous beaches. With intense sunshine and warm temperatures from morning to night, it is the perfect place to enjoy water activities, ride a camel through the dunes or simply spend all day soaking up the sun.

Gran Canaria is the most popular of the islands and home to large stretches of flawless beach land that attracts sun-craving holiday makers throughout the year. Between the white sandy havens and remote Spanish villages, this picturesque island is home to a wide variety of water sports and thrilling adventures.

Lanzarote and Tenerife are among the other popular islands that boast enraptured landscapes and exotic hideaways. Lanzarote is home to a surreal Natural Park of Volcanoes with lava gorges and incredible volcanic craters.

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