Ceuta, Spain

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The stunning beaches of Ceuta have lured many a sun worshipper to their shores. Boasting perfect sand and azure waters, we can guarantee you won't want to waste time relaxing on deck when there are sunsoaked stretches of coastline to explore.

While the official language and laws are in fact Spanish, Ceuta itself is one of the country's enclaves in North Africa, and as such, there is a lot of cultural conflict here. Spanish is spoken by the locals, although you will hear Arabic among the prominent migrant Moroccan community.

But once you're finished on the beach, what is there to do? Ceuta hosts many churches and fortifications that will be fascinating for those interested in Euro-African history, and enthusiasts will also want to climb the fortification in the middle of town. There is shopping and a lively club scene.

So there is no excuse to stay on deck when you go to Ceuta.

Ceuta, Spain

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