Cochin, India

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India is known as the sort of place where you can find pretty much anything, and Cochin is no exception. Serene, beautiful and a truly exciting place, there is nowhere else on the planet where you can find such an intriguing mix.

From the giant fishing nets that drive the area's trade to the 400-year-old synagogue that fills with tourists every day. And that's without mentioning the ancient mosques, Portuguese houses and the crumbling remains of the British Raj.

It's understandable to be confused upon arrival - the odd blend of Portugal, Holland and English village is confounding, grafted as it is onto the tropical coast. Meanwhile, historical towns such as Fort Cochin and Mattancherry provide a wonderful distraction away from the main port - they're serene and quiet, but allow for a vast melting pot of cultures.

And yet through it all, the atmosphere, cuisine and overall feel is unmistakably Indian.

Cochin, India

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