Cococay, Bahamas

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If you're the sort of person whose ears prick up at the words "private island in the Bahamas", then the only option you have is to get yourself to Coco Cay as quickly as possible.

With this small tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean being devoted exclusively to tourism, there are few places on earth that can make you forget about the stresses and strains of daily life quite as quickly as Coco Cay, where every moment is spent indulging in leisure activities.

For example, you could choose to explore the nature trails that run through the rainforest in the isle's interior, or if you'd rather stick to the coast you can discover a world of life beneath the waves on a scuba diving or snorkelling excursion.

Alternatively, you may prefer to do absolutely nothing at all, and simply relax on the white sand with a rum-filled coconut, topping up your tan and watching the turquoise waves gently lap the shore.

Cococay, Bahamas

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