MSC Cruises Ship

MSC Cruises is proud of its Italian heritage, which is reflected in the company's reputation for sophisticated design and outstanding hospitality. Innovations in both exterior and interior designs for the MSC Cruises fleet have earned prestigious awards for naval architects De Jorio Design International.

Onboard MSC Cruises ShipThe gourmet dining experience on board combines Italian regional specialities with the best of Mediterranean and International cuisine. In the fields of service and comfort, MSC Cruises is continuing to set new standards in luxury cruising. Groundbreaking initiatives include the MSC Aurea Spa, a lavish Balinese wellness centre, and the MSC Yacht Club, an exclusive area on the company's two flagships offering elegant suites with around-the-clock butler service and numerous other privileges.


MSC Cruises welcomes you onboard to a wonderfully exclusive cruise holiday in the best all-Italian style tradition. Let their warm, Mediterranean hospitality coax you into relaxation and enjoyment; you will find yourself falling in love with this cruise experience, as thousands of guests have found, year after year.

Step onboard an MSC Cruises ship and let the understated, elegant design with its easy flow of space and accessible areas astound you. MSC Cruises understands that you spend a great part of your holiday onboard the ship and they have painstakingly created a design that combines comfort and style with functionality. Optimal use of space blends with tasteful colours, so you can relax and enjoy in the moment.

MSC Cruises understand that it's the crew that make your cruise so memorable. Their highly qualified staff are dedicated to providing you great service; this, and their well-known Italian hospitality and charm, makes your holiday onboard the ship a truly special one.

Onboard MSC Cruises

Entertainment Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Evenings onboard offer a wide variety of fun and entertainment: you can watch an international theatre show, challenge yourself at the games rooms, or try your luck at the casino! For more outrageous fun, enroll in the daytime dance classes, boogie the night away or sing your heart out at karaoke with friends! Or if you seek quieter moments, simply stretch out by the swimming pool or visit the piano bar.

There are specially designed areas for children's fun and games, and certain themed cruises even have cookery and massage classes! Whatever you choose, let MSC Cruises take you on a journey of fun and discovery you will never forget.

Spa and Beauty Treatments Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Enter the Zen-like atmosphere of the tranquil spas and your mind will transform to a state of pure relaxation. Don a plush robe and relax on a teak bed in the meditation area, surrounded by glass walls with spectacular views from the top of the ship. Just next door, private spa treatment rooms await. Strewn with delicate flower petals and soft, warm lighting you can enjoy rejuvenating treatments such as a Balinese massage with lava stones, shiatsu and reflexology.

Day spa beauty treatments blend the best of ancient and modern therapies with natural minerals, healing salts and aromatherapy. The spa specialists will treat you to a refreshing facial or our Bali Thalasso "Flowers and Sea" body treatment for a warm, beautiful glow. Then complete your transformation with a stylish haircut and pampering manicure in the beauty salon.

Fitness Centre Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

When you need to re-energize, the spa and fitness centre offers yoga and toning classes, aerobics and stretching––all led by certified instructors. The fitness centre also features the latest state-of-the-art workout equipment including weights, treadmills and stationary bikes. The personal trainers can create a customized fitness plan for you. Or they will be happy to show you around the workout areas, including the swimming pool, jogging track, tennis and volleyball courts. Overall, an MSC cruise can be as active or relaxing as you wish, for the ultimate experience in health and wellbeing.


MSC Cruises Dining

Let MSC Cruises seduce you with the taste and flavour of Italian cuisine, as well as offer you sumptuous dishes of international flavours, to satisfy your palate. There are also a la carte options, with exotic foods such as sushi available, upon reserving a table. Best of all, you will also get to savour dishes typical of the countries you visit.

MSC Cruises has put much effort into the choice and preparation of the meals served onboard their ships. From breakfast to lunch and spectacular dinners under the stars, you will find that the signature MSC Cruises' style oozes through the specially prepared dishes, offering you a unique taste and flavour experience!

Special Dietary Needs

Do you have specific diet requirements, for particular conditions and allergies, or simply because you are a vegetarian?

MSC Cruises has developed a variety of customised dishes designed specifically for particular conditions and allergies. In addition MSC Cruises works closely with the AIC - Associazione Italiana Celiachia (Italian Celiac Association) to provide gluten-free menus in the restaurants onboard most of its ships.

MSC Cruise Line Dress Code - Semi-formal

Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing is ideal for daytime usage. Neat casual wear is requested after 6.00 pm. For the three formal nights (on a 7 night cruise) cocktail dresses for women and suits or jacket and tie for men are appropriate.


Being a loyal MSC Cruises guest means entering an exclusive club: a world of thrills, pleasures and privileges that multiply with each journey! As a member of the MSC Club you'll be able to take advantage of all MSC Cruises benefits, both on land and onboard: a truly exclusive way of spending your holidays. The MSC Club Card is your key to the world of MSC Cruises benefits. You can earn points for every journey you make and reach different levels of membership. You'll gain a point for each night you have spent on board. The more you travel the more the benefits you get!

MSC Cruises tips

Classic: up to 21 points.

  • Welcome cocktail
  • 5% discount on Excursions
  • 5% discount in Onboard Boutiques
  • 5% discount on all cruises

Silver: between 22 and 42 points.

    All the above benefits plus:

  • 8% discount on all cruises
  • Silver brooch

Gold: 43 points and over.

    All the above benefits plus:

  • 10% discount on all cruises
  • Gold brooch


It is customary to tip staff providing excellent service. For all cruises, a sum of approximately £5.00 per person per day will be added as a fixed amount to all passengers' cashless accounts on a daily basis. This gratuity will be shared amongst the staff. This gratuity is discretionary and should any passenger wish to make adjustments, they may do so by contacting the guest reception desk at any point during the cruise.

MSC Cruises Ship tips and grats

For cruises in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, as well as transatlantic cruises departing from Europe, the onboard currency is the Euro (€).

For cruises in the Caribbean, North America, South America and South Africa, as well as transatlantic cruises going to Europe, the onboard currency is the US Dollar ($).

For your convenience MSC have created a 'cashless society' on board which means that you sign for your drinks and bar purchases. At the end of the cruise and itemised bill may be settled with Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

Passengers without credit cards must deposit a minimum of £150 cash per Passenger, or the equivalent, with the cashier on day 1 of the Cruise. This amount must be replenished during the cruise when expenses exceed the deposit. If all the deposit is not used then the balance will be returned with the bill.

Small amounts of European currencies and US dollars, and Travellers Cheques can be changed on board at the Purser's Office - commission charges may apply. Personal cheques are not accepted.


Celebrate your Wedding Ceremony on board a MSC ship! Or book your favourite itinerary for your Birthday celebration, or Wedding Anniversary. Sail on a special themed cruise such as the Christmas, New Year or Easter cruise and add festivity to your special occasion!

Ceremonies on board can be organised by request. Imagine holding your event at exclusive and romantic locations on your cruise, it's a dream come true. Wedding Packages include:

Wedding Silver Package Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

  • Priority Check-in for the Bride, the Groom and their guests
  • A Wedding Coordinator available to coordinate and assist with the ceremony
  • The Wedding Ceremony in the presence of a 'Ship's Officer' and Master of Ceremonies
  • Wedding Ceremony music
  • A Wedding bouquet
  • A commemorative Wedding Certificate
  • A Wedding Cake decorated with fresh fruit, cream and chocolate hearts and personalised with the Bride and Groom's names
  • A Bottle of Asti sparkling wine
  • A Wedding Photographer during the complete ceremony (1 hour)
  • 1 picture 20 by 25 cm (other pictures will be available for purchase on board)

Wedding Gold Package Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

  • VIP cabin service (boarding day)
  • Bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, two MSC glasses as a gift and finger food
  • A Wedding Cake heart shaped and decorated with chocolate hearts and personalised with the Bride and Groom's names
  • 10 pictures 20 by 25 (other pictures will be available for purchase on board)
  • A Wedding photo album
  • A Continental Deluxe Breakfast (for two) served in your cabin

Wedding Platinum Package Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

  • VIP cabin service (boarding day)
  • Bottle of champagne Veuve Clicquot champagne
  • An exclusive Wedding bouquet (12 delicate roses and fresh flowers)
  • A Wedding Cake (two levels) with white chocolate mousse and marzipan decorations personalised with the Bride and Groom's names
  • 20 pictures 20 by 25 (other pictures will be available for purchase on board)
  • A commemorative picture of your MSC cruise ship

Honeymoon Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Choose an MSC Cruise and experience the most beautiful and romantic voyage of your lives, organised to perfection! A continental deluxe breakfast served in your cabin. Candlelight dinners, and endless moments during the day are dedicated exclusively to the two of you, in fairytale-style comfort and surroundings

Honeymooners will find never ending fun and make new friends. Fitness, relaxation, fun-packed days and music-filled evenings - these honeymoon ingredients will give you wonderful memories for the rest of your lives. A beautiful way for honeymooners to begin a lifelong relationship together!


Family Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Onboard MSC Cruises, your children's holidays will be fully taken care of, while you relax and enjoy your cruise in total bliss and relaxation!

Your children will enjoy plenty of fun and games, along with other children and the entertainers, who organise different activities everyday.

MSC Cruises kids

The onboard Mini Club is a meeting place for all the children – to play and have fun! You will find sports competitions for children of all ages, swimming pool games (on some ships only), as well as tasty snacks and treasure hunts…your little ones will have ample opportunities to play games with other children! Also there is a designated playroom for children.

MSC Cruises has devised a space entirely devoted to children, with videogame rooms for older children and playrooms for tots, filled with a wide selection of toys, specially selected bearing all ages in mind: checkers, chess, stencils, cards, blackboards, modelling clay, plasticine, colours, group games and much more… The young travellers will want to be involved in shows, games and interactive activities. The MSC Cruises Mini Club will be the ideal hangout for them, where they can let loose, play and have fun.

A highly qualified staff member looks after the smaller children's needs, keeping them entertained, ensuring that their trip is filled with excitement.

Children on board MSC Cruise ships find the imaginative dishes tantalising. They even have dishes comprising of a large variety of amusing shapes. You can choose between menus specially designed to satisfy the taste palates of your children, on top of their nutritional needs!


Wellness Experience Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

This is MSC Cruises most relaxing programme, designed for well-being and beauty. An excellent opportunity to improve overall health, by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment and by working alongside the highly trained specialists. The "Aurea" Spa and beauty centres offer you a paradise of Balinese massages, thermal mud baths aromatherapy and beauty treatments, and personalised exercise programs. This holistic lifestyle is reflected at mealtime, with dietary recommendations and special meal plans, ensuring you keep beautiful and healthy with this special cruise experience.

Musica Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

A journey delighted by rhythms and melodies of all music styles. Enjoy the improvisations of Jazz, the history of Blues and the sweetness of Bossa Nova, with the sensuality of Tango and Samba. Workshops in percussion and whistle instruments will be offered too.

Food & Wine Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

A trip through the world`s cuisine, discovering acclaimed wines and local food traditions. You will spend your time between sampling the very best dishes, lessons on cuisine and receiving valuable advice on discovering the Italian art of looking after dining guests. Distinguished wine producers may be on board to provide insight into the world of wine, with lectures and tastings of select vintages.

Cultural Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Enjoy a voyage along the coastline of spectacular countries around the Mediterranean Sea: a discovery cruise of cultures and traditions. This theme cruise offers a chance to enhance your art sense, an excellent opportunity to combine the glamour of travelling on a cruise with the pleasure of learning and appreciating culture in its various forms.

Dance Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Be bold and choose a dance themed cruise! Dancing tones up the body and lightens up your spirits, creating plenty of opportunities to meet others and enjoy yourself: thanks to the experience of the highly-qualified dance instructors, you will soon become acquainted with the rhythms of the best-known dances.

Art-At-Sea Theme Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Drawing, painting, ceramic and porcelain lessons during the whole journey; each piece of art will then be exhibited and the cruise will be crowned by handing the Artmar certificate to every participant.

Astral Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Away from the bright lights of the cities, you will learn to admire the stars and discover the millions of constellations, differentiating between science and astrology. Studying the constellations and signs of the zodiac is surely a relaxing way to cruise, while making happy forecasts for the future! Your star sign will no longer hold any secrets thanks to our fortune tellers and astronomers, with the on board activities the will be heading up.

Christmas & New Years Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Celebrate Christmas and New Year in unique way on board MSC Cruises

Hobbies Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Discover a new hobby, or simply rediscover your favourite pastime! During these cruises you get lots of choice between the daily courses of arts & crafts, etiquette courses, sports tournaments, card games and drawing session. Lots and lots of enjoyment for grown-ups and children alike.

Golf Theme Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

MSC Sinfonia is the golf themed ship! Novices and enthusiasts of this splendid sport will love the golf simulator and mini-golf facilities. They also offer training under the guidance of American champions in a well-equipped outdoor area. Improve your drive or learn the basics of putting, in a carefree, easy and enjoyable way!

Bridge Theme Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Bridge is the World`s most popular game: it can be played at any age, it improves social life and offers mental stimulus. Be fascinated by the most absorbing card game in the world: a special cruise for those who want to take lessons with highly qualified masters, to learn a few winning tricks. There will be tournaments and the chance to learn canasta, burraco and many other games too.

Sapor Bio Theme Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

A cruise that promotes well-being with bio-ecological significance. Cookery courses, talk shows and conferences reveal the global trends of the moment. This unique experience helps you discover the meaning of a bio-ecological lifestyle, through a complete programme of cuisines, entertainment and culture. Immerse yourself in the totality of a cruise that awakens new knowledge, enhanced by the sweet caress of the wind and the sea.

Chess Theme Cruises Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Many victories have been won at the black and white chessboard. This wonderful cruise features courses by trainers from the Italian Federation, who will show beginners and seasoned players how to improve their techniques. Tournaments are organised to put your new skills to the test.

Texas Hold` Em Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Be a part of our Texas Hold' Em theme cruise and try your luck. Qualified personnel and specialised instructors are ready to share your interests. When the ship is at sea, the poker room is open to offer live games and tournaments, with final championship event.

Buon Ricordo Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

The Buon Ricordo Association was founded in 1964 with the aim of safeguarding and promoting local Italian cooking traditions. A unique opportunity to experience on board wine tasting, local gastronomy and Italian specialties.

Beauty Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Enjoy this cruise to take care of yourself, in particular your skin and your hair. Rejuvenate and relax with activities for all group ages with Paulo Cordeiro's team (renowned Brazilian beauty consultant): he'll get you to approach self-esteem, health and wellness, relating to beauty and fashion.

Circus Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

A journey where the joy and the colours of the circus will melt together to offer playful and multidisciplinary expressions. Enjoy the different arts and skills, taking fun lessons such as juggle and watching shows and acrobat performances, contests and games for all ages.

Fashion Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Fashion, arts and music are melted together in this thematic cruise, focusing on the glam of catwalks. During this journey you will meet various Brazilian stylists and artists, to introduce you to new fashionable creations and trends.

Fitness Cruise Onboard MSC Cruise Ships

Step, muscle exercises and cardiovascular gym will not be a secret anymore, after this cruise dedicated to the health of your body, animated by special parties at the swimming pool. Most programs are by Body Systems professionals.

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