Dikili, Turkey

Cruising to Dikili, Pergamum

Those wanting to get out of the bustling Turkish cities and experience the sheer beauty of rural Turkey will find everything they want in the stunning portside town of Dikili.

Situated in the Aegean region, this picturesque fishing town features everything you can possibly want in a laid-back holiday destination. Traditional gulets bob serenely in the harbour and the wind gently rustles the olive trees, as a hot sun beats down upon their leaves.

But Dikili is also special for the excellent transport links it possesses, which manage not to compromise its country atmosphere. Visits to Pergamon are particularly common among tourists.

There's plenty to do and see, too. It's worth making time to visit the Merkez Mosque, which is a rare example of a wooden structure dating from the 1700s. Notice how no nails have been used.

The crater lake located in nearby Merdivenli village is also worth seeing, as are the pine forests extending towards the Madra Stream. Otherwise, just lay back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Dikili, Pergamum

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