Ephesus, Turkey

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Turkey's Aegean Coast is one of those places that seems to straddle the divide between the ancient and modern worlds, with several resorts in the area having emerged as some of the top holiday hotspots for sun-worshipping tourists, while also being steeped in legend.

Kusadasi is one such place, with the town boasting all the amenities you could hope for from a top-rate beach holiday resort, right on the shore of the sea which King Aegeus famously threw himself into after mistakenly coming to the conclusion that his son Theseus had been killed by the Minotaur.

These days, of course, the place is more commonly associated with rest and relaxation than deadly conflict, with the golden sands of places like Ladies Beach being among the top attractions. As the most popular sandy stretch in town, this particular beach offers the broadest selection of bars, restaurants and other facilities, although those who would prefer something a little more secluded can head to the nearby Tusan Beach or Pamucak Beach.

Away from the modern hotels and other tourist amenities, you'll find ancient relics such as the old city walls and the Kaleici Camii mosque, which dates back to the 17th century.

Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

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