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Fathom™ is the newest cruise line in the Carnival Corporation & plc brand and is supported by sister cruise line P&O Cruises, through use of their ship, Adonia, which brings a new style of cruising to life. Impact travel is travel with purpose and will transform the lives of all who embark upon it, from the passengers onboard to the communities of the destinations visited. Each journey with Fathom truly immerses you in the cultures of the destinations that you visit with person-to-person connections and the opportunity to get down and dirty to make a real difference.

With just one ship within the fleet, Adonia brings a small capacity of just 704 passengers. But an intimately sized ship combined with Fathom’s desire to connect everyone means that you can create long lasting bonds with fellow passengers and build connections over your willingness to help make a difference in the world.

With a cruise onboard Adonia, you can expect a comfortable home for your seven day journey with food inspired by your destinations, a choice of restaurants and lounges, a pool, a gym and a full-sized library.

The Fathom journey began in spring 2016 with weeklong voyages from Miami to the beautiful destinations of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Admire the beautiful bays and towns of these destinations and volunteer in the heart of the community.

In Cuba, interact with the locals who are proud of their traditional towns and cities and enjoy the rich Cuban culture of food and music. Partake in walking tours and interact with local artists, musicians and business owners who make up the Cuban society and will enlighten your mind as they describe all there is to know about Cuba, the culture and tourism.

A trip to the Dominican Republic offers a hands-on opportunity to really make a difference. Spend your sea days travelling to this delightful country practicing the skills that you’ll use when you get ashore and build long-lasting relationships with those around you. When you get ashore you’ll work alongside the local communities to help those in need. Craft water filters to help stop waterborne illnesses, lay concrete floors in houses to make a family home safer, teach English to create better opportunities for the children and locals and plant trees to help beat deforestation and improve the agriculture.

Once you leave port you’ll sail back to Miami with a couple of days to reflect on the difference that you’ve made and the lives that you have touched.

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