Flam, Norway

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Cruising to Flam, Norway

When it comes to stunning vistas of natural beauty, you can't get much better than Norway's Flaam. The landscape seems to have an incredible sense of drama, laden as it is with soaring mountainscapes, spectacular stretches of water and charismatic cliff faces.

But while the area certainly doesn't skimp on its jaw-dropping natural assets, it's worth remembering that there's a lot to enjoy here besides the eye candy.

Take a rambling tour through historic Aurland, for example, and discover a way of doing things so far removed from what you're used to that it will prompt questions as to exactly how far you've travelled.

Experience the magnificent views of Naeraydalen Valley and understand fully why it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Whichever elements of Flaam you choose to explore, you won't be left wanting. This unique part of the world is a joy to witness, so come and be a part of it.

Flam, Norway

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