Frankfurt, Germany

Cruising to Frankfurt

As the home of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is currently one of the most globally significant cities on the continent, and as such has developed into one of the most dynamic as well. Known for its futuristic and constantly evolving skyline, the metropolis is a thriving centre of both business and culture, and while it may not have the status of London or New York, it can certainly claim to be one of the cities that keeps the world moving.

While Frankfurt plays a vital role in the running of the modern world, it also has a long and distinguished history, and those who wish to delve into its past can do so by visiting the Old Town, known as Romerberg. It's here that you'll find the highest concentration of medieval buildings such as the stunning Dom cathedral as well as the remains of an ancient Roman civilisation which occupied the area long before modern Frankfurt existed.

In terms of museums, meanwhile, tourists really are spoilt for choice in Frankfurt, with the likes of the German Film Museum and the German Architecture Museum both providing fascinating and highly entertaining exhibitions relating to key components of the nations culture.


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