Galle, Sri Lanka

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You'll know Galle instantaneously from the crops of palm trees and spectacular landscape that surrounds the city. A living time capsule, wandering the streets is a bit like journeying in the TARDIS as the roads reveal one architectural surprise after another.

But Galle isn't just a pretty face and part of its charm lies in the fact that it's a living community where people work, sleep, socialise and stay rather than just existing for the tourists. There's a definite crackle in the air, particularly in the evenings when the suits come out and the bars get lively.

One of the most joyous activities one can do here is simply take in the atmosphere, sitting outdoors or inside with a cool drink while watching the world go by. It's equally recommended that you take in the dramatic views of the town from the encircling walls, recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site.


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