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Where city life is concerned, you may be under the impression you've seen it all. Hold fire until we've told you about Galveston, which has more than its fair share of relaxing beaches, five-star restaurants and fabulous entertainment venues to keep you occupied for weeks.

And yet these are just the necessities. Where Galveston really comes into its own is with its atmosphere. Situated on a romantic island, it's far from the hustle and bustle you'd expect, with a more laid-back approach that is complemented by its gorgeous coast and stunning Victorian architecture.

Admire the stonework of the 1892 Bishop's Palace and open your eyes to man's fascination of flight at the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. There really is no limit to the activities.

The place is just the perfect holiday destination - everything you need within a short distance, enough five-star amenities and things to do, as well as a cultural identity the city can legitimately call its own.

Galveston, Texas

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