Gdansk, Poland

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Cruising to Gdansk (Gdynia), Poland

Spectacular and unique

Gdansk may well be located on the coast of Poland but the architecture and atmosphere of this portside city remains so otherworldly, it might as well be located in a country all of its own.

Its fortunes being long shaped by wealthy merchants who came to buy and sell goods, Gdansk emanates charm and beauty in abundance, with colourful cafés, amber shops and intriguing museums lining the streets of the Main Town.

But this is certainly not a town without its stories and the tumultuous events of the past have left deep scars, indeed. However, with visitors flocking in greater numbers to see the appeal of the beautiful Gdansk, the destruction of various wars is certainly easing, even though they will never be forgotten.

Gdansk (Gdynia), Poland

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