Golfito, Costa Rica

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For anyone on holiday, Golfito is a bit of a stunner. The beaches are extensive; warm weather is ever-present; and banana trees offer shade under their wide emerald leaves. At first glance, everything seems like a sleepy resort town.

But that's not everything this Costa Rican paradise has to offer, with one particular sport known to get the blood pumping - surfing. The waves that come in from the South Pacific are incredible, swelling way out to sea before appearing to redouble their efforts as they push into Golfito Bay.

These watery behemoths are often compared to mountains and at least one or two surfers can always be seen tackling them.

Beyond this, you'll find plenty to do at the various tourist facilities, from mini golf and actual golf to children's waterparks. The actual town itself is very quiet but you'll find an authentic Costa Rican atmosphere here.

Golfito, Costa Rica

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