Hanoi, Vietnam

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Any preconceptions you may have of this thriving Vietnamese city should be left on your cruise ship before you step out into this bustling metropolis. Graceful, exotic and exciting, a wander down one of the grand old boulevards will reveal all sorts of unexpected wonderment.

From ancient pagodas to Buddhist temples where the locals can be seen practising their Tai Chi moves, this place smacks of tradition. But at the same time, this is a 21st century metropolis where tree-fringed lakes give way to towering skyscrapers.

Hanoi is very much a city with multiple personalities, depending upon where you go. Exploring the Old Quarter's narrow, congested streets is something you could realistically spend all day doing, seeking out traditional shops selling silk, embroidery, candlesticks and various foodstuffs.

Be sure to sample the local cuisine here - there are plenty of places to eat pho and drink locally-made beers. Above all, be open to new experiences and try new things, and you'll find Hanoi will embrace you like a friend.

Hanoi, Vietnam

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