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When travelling to Crete's city of Heraklion, it is very important to get your expectations in order before arriving. This is not a picturesque little village. It's modern; it's busy. You'll be greeted by a maelstrom of traffic, concrete and dusty air.

And yet, if you spend a little time getting to know the city, you will eventually discover a cultural heart and historical centre, which also boasts antiquites, excellent food and friendly, welcoming people. Get to know the city with a nice walk along the waterfront before visiting some of the actual attractions, which include the squat and square Koules Fortress that stretches out across the harbour and dates back to the 16th century.

Shopping-wise, there are plenty of small shops where you'll pick up those all-important holiday gifts. And you'll also admire the architecture, which bounces from Venetian-style maisonettes to Turkish fountains. So don't pass up Heraklion just because it doesn't necessarily look pretty on first sight - there is plenty to discover here.

Heraklion, Greece

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