Jacksonville, United States

Cruising to Jacksonville

Brash, outgoing and bustling, Jacksonville has big city charm in abundance. Spread over a whopping 840 square miles, it is the largest metropolis in the world.

A city can fit a lot into a space that size, and a casual wander will reveal spectacular high rises, picturesque bridges, imposing statues and cute little cafes. So it's a bit unfortunate that people tend to use the city as a transport hub rather than an actual tourist destination.

Of particular note are the Five Points and San Marco neighbourhoods, both of which offer walkable areas full of bars, bistros and boutiques. Also worth a wander is Jacksonville's vibrant museum scene, which will please any curious historian.

Then there are the pristine Jax beaches, a diverse and varied food scene and beautiful green spaces, including the Memorial Park dedicated to the First World War.


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