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Cruising to Jeju Island, South Korea

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Flung off the southwest coast of South Korea, you'll find Jeju Island, a volcanic landmass in the shape of an oval. Measuring just over 73km from west to east and 31km from north to south, its abundance of warm weather and wind have made it a popular holiday favourite for years.

Boasting a culture that is so different to Korea that it may as well be considered a separate country altogether, Jeju's various communities have largely survived through the years by relying on their fishing industry.

You'll notice a lot of differences from the mainland just by walking around. Everything from the clothes people wear to the Dolhareubang statues that populate the countryside, there is always a slight twist.

Alongside this, long sandy beaches and charismatic coastline help pull in the sun lovers, and there is plenty of opportunity to explore the desolate landscape for those who enjoy a walk. One thing is for sure - you won't want to leave Jeju.

Jeju Island, South Korea

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