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Jerusalem is famously a destination with a long and complex history. Its monuments stand tribute to a troubled and tumultuous past, with tourists flooding to the city in order to witness the Western Wall, wander Zion Square or take in the extraordinary Dome of the Rock.

Those with a fascination for its history will no doubt want to spend plenty of time in the Old City of Jerusalem. Its rambling alleys of brown sun-beaten stone are immensely characteristic. If you had just dropped from the sky, you could not fail to know exactly where you are. Wander the Jewish cemetery on the side of the Mount of Olives, which is also a good place to get a political overview of the city as many tour guides are often on hand here. Witness one of the best views of Jerusalem from the top.

But although exploring the past has its attractions, it does not do to get so bogged down in what has gone before that you forget the present. Jerusalem remains an exciting and vibrant place to be. Start out at Jaffa Gate, where you can indulge in a spot of people-watching around the small collection of stalls selling bagels and street food. Meander along to Zion Square - the pedestrian walkway generally has some buskers, filling the immediate area with music, laughter and life.

Beyond the dingy alleyways of the Historic Old Town, Jerusalem is a city that bursts with colour, song and people. Turn a corner and you may be confronted with an extraordinary market with street traders calling to one another or a grand old building that is just crying out for a photo opportunity. The city consistently surprises and delights, and only one thing is certain: you're bound to love it.


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