Labadee, Haiti

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A curve of sand stretches lazily along from a coastal port in Northern Haiti. This is Labadie, a private resort leased and run by Royal Caribbean International, and the only way you're getting onto it is via one of their cruise ships.

Situated on an isolated peninsula, it's easy to walk from one end to the other and see all that Labadie has to offer. Since it's owned by a major cruise firm, you can expect a great many activities and things to do. Why not start with a spot of snorkelling in the pristine bays? Or perhaps take advantage of one of the water toys, such as jet skis, that are available for rental? There are opportunities for kayaking as well.

After enjoying yourself, head to one of the five bars scattered throughout the resort. All drinks are paid for through your cruise, making this one of the most convenient stop-off points on your journey. When all is said and done, you can simply lie back and relax on the spectacular beach. Bliss.

Labadee, Haiti

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