Langkawi, Malaysia

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A casual glance at a map of Kedah will reveal a plethora of intriguing islands scattered off the coast of this Thailand-bordering state. This archipelago is called Langkawi and you're going to be very glad we introduced you.

In all, 99 individual little landmasses occupy this area of the Andaman Sea, while a further five are revealed at low tide. Welcome to a very different world, where local legends tell of broken pots and seeping gravy.

The stories have it that the most prominent mountains present on the archipelago - Gunung Machinchang and Gunung Raya - were formed out of broken pottery at the wedding of two giants. Watching these impressive natural structures, you can certainly see why.

Cruising the ocean is the only way to really see Langkawi for yourself, exploring its various nooks and crannies. There is plenty of wildlife here, from elegant eagles to mischievous monkeys, although tourists are advised not to feed the beasties.

Beyond that piece of advice, we offer this little nugget - enjoy exploring this very different world.

Langkawi, Malaysia

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