Limon, Costa Rica

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Limón - Spanish for lemon - has more in common with a sweet litchi than the sour yellow fruit. Birthplace of United Fruit and capital of its eponymous province, there is plenty of fun for the keen explorer.

Limón is a region in Costa Rica that is particularly renowned for its natural beauty, and the portside capital is no exception. Parque Vargas is a beautiful stretch of green that is peppered with tropical palm trees, which are in turn occupied by sleepy slopes swinging lazily between branches.

There is also a vibrant arts scene to immerse yourself in, and a plethora of recommendable restaurants.

If you're looking to get outside of the city, however, it'll be the Tortuguero National Park to head to. Renowned for its astonishing natural beauty and beach of nesting tortoises, it's a stunning place where you can easily while away a day.

Limon, Costa Rica

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