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Cruising to Mahon, Balearics

The Spanish atmosphere present in Mahon hits you in the face pretty much as soon as you step out onto the port from your cruise vessel. And the same can be said for the heat during the summer - temperatures soar to heights that will have you down on the beach in no time.

But if you've got time, it's worth shunning the coast for an afternoon at least and exploring some of the attractions of Menorca's capital. A beautiful mix of modern and old architecture greets you, while the thriving natural port is a bustling and exciting place to be.

It's also worth spending some time exploring the Museu de Menorca which contains many antique fascinations and fine arts, the 18th-century Xoriguer Gin Distillery located on the Moll de Ponent harbour front and the maze of tapas bars that offer great cuisine.

However long you're planning to be here for, Mahon is a wonderfully intriguing place and you're sure to find enough to keep you occupied.

Mahon, Balearics

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