Manila, Philippines

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A city without a centre

Manila will probably be quite unlike any other town or city you've ever visited, and with its charming mix of old and new, you can't help but fall in love. During your stay, you'll likely find it's the epitome of Filipino culture - jovial, laid back, and wonderfully friendly.

But unless you do your research, Manilia might prove to be something of a headache to get around. For one thing, there is no discernable centre of this teeming metropolis, which is said to be growing every single day. For this reason, it can be hard to find your way.

Still, try your best - there is much to see here. Makati is the commercial centre of the country and a neighbourhood that teems with local life. Intramuros is likewise an excellent place to explore, where the bones of the past are visible in Manila's many historical buildings.

So have fun, enjoy yourself but be sure to take a good map or get a guide.

Manila, Philippines

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