Marmaris, Turkey

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Once upon a time, Marmaris was a sleepy fishing village situated on a beautiful stretch of natural harbour. How times have changed. Since Lord Nelson first organised his fleet here for an attack on the French in 1798, the town has bloomed into a sprawling modern metropolis that offers industry, history and great nightlife.

For Turkey, the town is known for a having a liberal atmosphere - this is one of the few places in the country where bikini-clad, tattooed tourists on the main streets are tolerated. Well worth an explore is the marina, the country's largest and most modern.

If you're after a night out, you'll want to stay around the town centre, but if it's spectacular coastline you're after, Marmaris is also happy to oblige. The rugged cliffs give way to azure blue sea and are backed by pine-covered mountains. A dramatic sight indeed, and one that is scarcely written about in the travel books.

Marmaris, Turkey

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