Novorossiysk, Russia

Cruising to Novorossiysk

Historical and extraordinary

Novorossiysk has had its fair share of historical events. Once part of the Greek Empire, it has shifted hands many times over the course of history, becoming a town of the Adyghe tribes, part of both the Mongolian and Ottoman Empires and finally part of Russia. Throughout the second world war, it spent much of the conflict occupied by German forces.

As such, there is a lot of historical background to explore - so much so that it's worth visiting the Novorossiysk Historical Museum to get a bit of an overview.

Other worthwhile spots include the Champagne winery Abrau-Durso, which offers a less sombre visit. Equally as fun - admittedly in a different way - is mountain climbing across the munros that border Novorossiysk's suburbs. Care must be taken on this activity, however.


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