Phi Phi Don Island, Thailand

Cruising to Phi Phi Don Island (Ko Phi Phi Don)

Bodacious beauty

Thailand's startlingly beautiful Phi Phi Don Island has become a popular tourist spot over the past year, with the world only just discovering her astonishing beauty. Lounging off the Andaman coast like a lazy catfish, she offers emerald jungles, curvy blonde beaches and undulating lagoons aplenty.

But despite the sleepy visage, Phi Phi Don is more than capable of pulling out all the stops for a party every evening. As the sun goes down, you'll see the multi-coloured glimmer of the nightclubs go up, reflected in the crystal clear waters.

Historians are likely to be happy on the island, as it is believed to be one of Thailand's oldest communities, but if your first thought when you arrive is, 'I want to spend time in a museum', you're clearly missing the point of Phi Phi Don. This is a hedonistic paradise where all you'll want to do is stretch out on a hammock with a cool cocktail.

Phi Phi Don Island (Ko Phi Phi Don)

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