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Few cities have capitalised on their portside heritage as well as Portland in Maine. Its traditional red-brick warehouse buildings, Victorian shipbuilders' mansions and narrow cobblestone streets are as attractive now as they were when first constructed.

Visitors can expect to find a stunning little town that lives in harmony with the sea. From the charming waterfront to the traditional Old Port district, the smell of the ocean can be found permeating the streets. Be sure to check out some of the more beautiful architecture - that of the city hall, banks and churches.

Portland offers a highly sophisticated restaurant scene, with chefs focusing on locally-sourced dishes in particular. Naturally, this means a lot of seafood, which remains at the forefront of the town's cuisine thanks to a thriving fishing industry.

Worthwhile attractions or places to see include Back Cove, East End Beach and the Happy Wheels rollerskating rink.

Portland, Maine

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