Punta del Este, Uruguay

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There's something of a formula to Punta del Este in Uruguay that makes it a bit of a magnet for celebrities. A plethora of beaches, elegant seaside homes, pricey hotels and glitzy restaurants makes for a stylish and sophisticated scene that has been known to draw many big names.

Local gossipmongers have a hard time keeping up, and you may find yourself keeping regular tabs on who has been seen. Big names are right to flock here, though - it is rather gorgeous.

Between the predominantly modern buildings on the skyline, you'll uncover a wonderful sense of olde worlde charm, with buildings such as Casa Pueblo and the Museo del Mar giving you plenty to do during the day.

When that fails, tanning of all types is popular on the beaches of Punta del Este, as are water sports such as banana boats, jet skis and surfing. So if you're in doubt, head down to the beach, pull on your swim shorts and have a good time.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

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