Rhine Gorge, Rhine

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Rhine Gorge, Germany

A journey down the River Rhine is guaranteed to be full of wonderment - unique cities, stunning landscapes and fairytale castles. But there will be a moment during your cruise when you turn a corner and lay eyes upon a scene so stunning, you'll swear you've arrived in the Garden of Eden.

Welcome to the Rhine Gorge, a place of such extraordinary natural splendour that you'll likely have to pick your eyeballs off the floor before going any further upon first sight. The attraction here is all in Mother Nature, who must have been having a particularly good day when she applied her craft to this part of the world.

Witness picturesque little villages folded beautifully between the rolling hills, carved chalk cliffs of startling whiteness and multicoloured pockets of colour between the different trees and plants.

In short, the Rhine Gorge is an enchanting place for your cruise. If you enjoy observing natural beauty, this is most definitely the place to go. 
Rhine Gorge, Germany

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