Rouen, Seine

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Rouen, France

Rouen might not be one of Normandy's best-known destinations. Indeed, many river cruisers might not have heard of it before seeing it on their agenda. But if it's come up on yours then know this - you are in for a serious treat.

Situated on a particularly attractive part of the River Seine approximately 90 minutes away from the centre of Paris, the city has an incredible Gothic quarter that has been beautifully restored in recent years without losing any of the original charm.

While you may not know Rouen by name, you will know one of the most famous people who died here - Joan of Arc - even if not personally. The martyr was burned at the stake, and now a simple field of wildflowers is all that marks her incredible sacrifice.

Other points of interest include the cathedral that dates all the way back to the fourth century, a historical treat. Richard the Lionheart's heart is supposedly kept in one of the tombs here. The Big Clock located in the middle of Rue du Gros Horloge is also worth a look.

Rouen, France

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