Rousse, Danube

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Rousse, Bulgaria

You might be forgiven for thinking you've wandered into an idyllic paradise as you explore the harbour of Rousse. This city, on the south bank of the Danube river in central northern Bulgaria, is characterised by palm trees and attractive bridges stretching across the charismatic waterway.

You won't find yourself lacking for things to do - as Bulgaria's fifth-largest metropolis, Rousse is well-equipped to deal with the river cruise population that floods in here. Get your bearings in Freedom Square, which is where all major city events are held and annual feasts celebrated.

Then move to the National Transport Museum, which holds more than 140,000 fascinating items. Head onto the Rousse Regional Historical Museum if you're feeling more history, or head onto the Pantheon of National Revival Heroes where 39 famous Bulgarian figures are buried.

Finally, indulge in some fine Bulgarian cuisine in one of the restaurants that characterise the harbour. There are some fantastic offerings to be found here, and you don't even have to look particularly hard to find some excellent traditional taverns.
Rousse, Bulgaria

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