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Located in central Java, Semarang is one of Indonesia's most culturally fascinating cities, with plenty of ancient temples, Dutch colonial buildings and more modern monuments, that encapsulate the complex and varied history of the country. It also boasts the fantastic weather you'd expect from Indonesia, and has its own unique culinary traditions, so it is well worth checking out if you can drag yourself away from the beach for a day or two.

Among the most impressive and historic sites in the city is Sam Po Kong temple, which was built in honour of a visiting Chinese ruler during the Ming Dynasty. Other places of interest include Old Town of Kota Lama, which is where the majority of the Dutch colonial buildings are located.

While visiting Semarang it would be a shame not to sample the local drink known as Jamu, and the city even boasts its own museum dedicated to the delicacy, so you can learn all about its history and production. Other interesting places that are worth visiting include the likes of the Catfish Park and Ronggowarsito Museum, which showcases Javanese art.


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