Sevastopol, Ukraine

Cruising to Sevastopol, Ukraine

The whitewashed walls of Sevastopol's houses gleam brightly in the sun, presenting an image of an idyllic tourist destination. However, look beneath the attractive terracotta roofs, laid-back demeanor and picturesque buildings, and you will unearth a naval history of enormous depth.

Sevastopol remains a source of fascination for historians, with many efforts being made to uncover what it conceals. Situated on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean peninsula, it has long been envied for its strategic position.

Founded in 1783, invaded by the British and then the Russians, there are a lot of cultural influences here. Be sure to check out the Panorama Museum, which depicts the siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean war.

Then there is the Greek city of Chersonesus, located just three kilometres from the city centre. It is also worth venturing through the Valley of the Death, where the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade happened.

All of this adds up to a fascinating and historic holiday experience.

Sevastopol, Ukraine

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