Sochi, Russia

Cruising to Sochi

Spectacular natural beauty

Sochi is a city still basking in the success of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and it's got good reason to be proud. Known as the summer capital of Russia, it is the nation's biggest and busiest summer sea resort.

Boasting access to both the sea and the mountains, you can understand why it's such a popular destination. Endless shingle beaches, warm sunny days and a bustling nightlife - there is much to enjoy.

As if the landscape doesn't offer enough to drool over, there are a number of historical sights to take in. These include Stalinist period Empire-style buildings which are stunning to see and include Stalin's own summer residence, the Godlik Fortress in the Lazarevskoe district and the Byzantine Loo Temple.

Add numerous museums, parks and wildlife expositions and you've got yourself a pretty solid holiday destination that anyone would be pleased to spend any length of time exploring.


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