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Sitting on the Mediterranean coast of Campania, one of the most iconic regions of southern Italy, Sorrento is a gateway to a world of history, culture and art, not to mention wonderful beaches and some of the finest cuisine in Europe. It also offers a much more tranquil setting than the noisy and bustling streets of Naples, which is the largest city in Campania.

Indeed, what's particularly great about Sorrento is that it offers a peaceful and picturesque setting while also providing access to many of the same attractions as Naples. For example, the ruins of Ancient Pompeii, which are overlooked by the towering figure of Mount Vesuvius, are just a short train ride away on the Circumsuviana railway - which also runs to several other small traditional villages that provide an excellent insight into the local lifestyle.

On top of this, Sorrento benefits from the world-famous cuisine of Campania, which is the birthplace of pizza, among other things.

For those who want to relax, Sorrento boasts two fantastic beaches, with Marina Piccola and Marina Grande both being excellent swimming spots.

Sorrento, Italy

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