South America River Cruises

South America River

Riddled with natural beauty and ancient ruins, South America is a place of marvel and wonder, taking you through a number of environments and tracing the history of the ancient civilizations of the land.

Luxury river cruise line, Avalon Waterways offers a once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to go on an Peruvian river cruise, which includes visits to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Lima and more. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Amazon river, with wildlife such as pink river dolphins, caiman, giant otters and many more unique local species.

Also on offer is an Avalon Waterways cruise around the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Peru & Ecuador, where travellers can follow the steps of Charles Darwin as he explored the wildlife unique to these islands. Many opportunities such as star gazing, snorkelling and a number of water sports are available on a Galapagos cruise, ensuring you experience the islands to the fullest.

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