Trujillo, Honduras

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Sitting on the Caribbean coast, Trujillo was in fact the very first city to be founded in Honduras, and once provided a vital trade connection that allowed gold and silver to be transported from the New World back to Spain. These days, its main industry is tourism, with stunning tropical beaches and amazing wildlife providing the major attractions - although no visit to Trujillo would be complete without exploring its colonial history.

The best way to do so is to take a walk around the amazing Santa Barbara Fortress, which was built in the 16th century to protect the town from pirates and invaders. Sitting on a hill overlooking Trujillo, it provides breathtaking views across the bay.

The town also sits on the edge of the incredible Capiro-Calentura National Park, which is named after the two towering mountains that it contains (Mount Capiro and Mount Calentura). Covered in lush rainforest, punctuated by idyllic rivers and waterfalls, it's home to a huge array of tropical plants and animals, and is a real garden of Eden that really shouldn't be missed.

Of course, the main focus of your visit to Trujillo will be the beach, which, as you'd expect from the Caribbean, is among the most picturesque in the world.

Trujillo, Honduras

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