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An island city off the coast of China's Fujian province, Xiamen benefits from a key strategic location that has enabled it to develop into one of the country's most diverse and vibrant destinations over the course of its long and distinguished history. In fact, the city's name even translates as 'Door to China', which gives an indication of how important the port here was in the nation's development.

Because of this history, Xiamen is blessed with a range of cultural attractions, including the Xiamen Shinegood Culture Gallery, which is the largest private gallery in China and focuses particularly on items made using jade.

For something a little more spiritual, meanwhile, you may want to head to the Nanputuo Temple, which is a major Buddhist place of worship and is overlooked by a mountain which can be climbed for some truly amazing views across the city.

While most of the metropolis is located on Xiamen Island itself, it also spills over onto the nearby Gulangyu Island, which is where you'll find the most traditional food vendors, street artists and handicraft markets.


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