Yalta, Ukraine

Cruising to Yalta (Ukraine)

A cure for all ills

Once upon a time, Yalta was the prescription given by Russian doctors for those with bad lungs. Upon landing, you'll understand why. A clear and invigorating mountain breeze rushes through the city, carrying hints of pine and the sea.

Under the dramatic shadow of Mount Petri, the locals of this fine city conduct their daily affairs. There are few signs of change over the last 100 years. A surprisingly cheerful visage of Lenin overlooks the plaza that still bears his name - occasionally babushkas gather at sunset to dance the waltz and polka here.

However, adjustments to the tourist sector are visible, including a spruced-up seafront promenade that is well worth exploring. The view of the horizon here is nothing short of spectacular.

You can explore your cultural side by visiting the Armenian Church, Roosevelt Street, Chekhov's House and the Nikita Botanical Garden. All are worthy of at least an hour of your time. So go on - go and explore.

Yalta (Ukraine)

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