Ilhabela, Brazil

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When most people think of Sao Paulo they tend to imagine a sprawling metropolis where a samba rhythm dictates the frenetic pace of the fun-loving lifestyle. However, head up to the northern coast of this lively state, and you'll come across a totally different scene.

The name Ilhabela translates as 'beautiful island', which should immediately give you some idea of what to expect here. Indeed, the scenery in this part of Sao Paulo is among the most picturesque in Brazil - nay, the world - and is characterised by jungle-covered mountains, untouched beaches and sparkling blue waters.

Most people come to Ilhabela to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of South America's largest city, although there are lots of activities to enjoy here too. For example, the calm seas and strong winds have earned the place the title of the sailing capital of Brazil, so if you fancy taking to the sea with the wind in your sail then this is certainly the place to come.

Ilhabela, Brazil

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