Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Throughout your trip to Amsterdam, you'll notice a fantastic charm to this wonderful city that is simply not found anywhere else.

Perhaps it's the brilliantly quirky buildings - regulations on space have long encouraged designers to build tall rather than wide. Or the endless mazes of canals, weaving in and out of each neighbourhood. Maybe it's the tangles of interlinked passageways that allow you to discover dark little bookshops, cosy cafes and squares of ornate appearance.

It's certainly good to take a wander and get a feel for the city, but there's a bustling cultural scene here that's also worth reading up about. From the nightlife (lively) to the hotels (fascinating) you won't be bored for even a second during your stay.

As if you needed more convincing, Amsterdam is a wonderfully easy city to get to grips with despite its complexity and various facets. English is widely spoken and there is plenty of assistance for tourists available.

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