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Having been the main point of entry for migrants to Canada during much of the 18th and 19th centuries, Halifax has developed into a major cultural hub and is one of the most diverse and interesting destinations in the country. What's more, the area around the harbour also boasts outstanding natural beauty, and can be appreciated in a variety of ways.

For example, you could hire a kayak or a canoe and head out along the Northwest Arm, taking in the scenery as well as historic attractions such as Flemming Park and Point Pleasant Park. Alternatively, you could stay on dry land and simply explore the charms of the waterfront around Halifax Harbour itself, where you'll find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as a lively atmosphere.

The city is also home to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where you'll be able to discover works by a range of local artists as well as some fascinating indigenous art. For a deeper look at the local culture and history, be sure to check out the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which hosts some impressive sights such as the CSS Arcadia.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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