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Most people think that fjords only exist at the ends of the earth, with countries like Norway and New Zealand being synonymous with this stunning geological feature - which is why you may be surprised to hear that Germany also has a fjord of its own, the Kieler Förde.

Jutting inland from the Baltic Sea, this picturesque inlet provides the backdrop to the city of Kiel, where visitors will have the chance to see some incredible warships and submarines, thanks to the fact that the German Baltic Fleet is stationed here.

To learn a little more about the local heritage, be sure to take a trip to one of the eight museums that have teamed up to form the Museen am Meer association. Among these is the Museum of Fine Arts, which includes works by the likes of Richter and a range of other famous artists, as well as the City and Maritime Museum, where visitors can gain a fascinating insight into Kiel's history and culture.

Kiel is also home to the world's largest canal, which provides a wonderful setting for a stroll or a cycle if you fancy stretching your legs.


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